Onion Vathakulambhu

A comforting and hearty pickle featuring caramelized onions in a rich and spicy gravy.
Contains 100 grms
261.04 kcl
3.61 g
2.48 g
18.52 g
21.11 g

Potential Health Benefits of Homemade Pickle

1. Flavor Enhancement : Elevate your meals with our homemade pickles, adding depth and complexity to every bite.


2. Cultural Experience : Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of South India, savoring traditional recipes passed down through generations.


3. Fresh Ingredients : Enjoy the assurance of quality with our pickles crafted from locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, ensuring both taste and nutrition.


4. Versatility : Our pickles are versatile condiments, perfect for pairing with a wide range of dishes, from rice and roti to sandwiches and salads.


5. Convenience : Save time in the kitchen with our ready-to-use pickles, offering a quick and easy way to enhance your favorite meals.


6. Homemade Goodness : Indulge in the wholesome goodness of homemade pickles, prepared with care and attention to detail in every jar.


7. Health Benefits : Experience the potential health benefits of our pickles, which may include probiotic properties and antioxidants from select ingredients like garlic and ginger.


8. Customer Satisfaction : Delight your taste buds and those of your loved ones with our flavorful pickles, promising a satisfying dining experience every time.